All the prints from Moonlit Japan have “Hi-Gloss” crystal finish with extremely smooth and flat surface, which means even the smallest detail within the photo remains undistorted and is printed precisely the way it was originally intended.
The crystal finish is also highly compatible with rich colors and high contrast with deep black, and that realizes pictures with a life-like sense of depth.


Pictorico Pro White Film with Dye Ink

For prints with paper size of 13″ x 19″ (329mm x 483mm) and smaller, we use Pictorico Pro White Film which is one of the most highly rated print papers in the industry. It has a high gloss finish with crystal coating that delivers rich and vibrant color, brilliance and detail clarity. It is also highly fade-resistant so your pictures remain fresh with rich colors much longer than other types of paper in the same class.

The color-managed professional dye-ink printers we use have a much larger color reproduction capability than the conventional consumer printers with CMYK color range. As a result, our prints represent the colors as they were originally intended and are identical from one copy to another in terms of how each color is depicted.

Fujifilm Silver Salt Photo Paper

For prints with paper size greater than 13″ x 19″ (329mm x 483mm), we use Fujifilm’ s Silver Salt Photo Paper , which share the similar characteristics as Pictorico White Film in terms of rich color depiction capability, detail clarity, as well as fade resistance. This silver salt paper is also renouned for its ability to reproduce very smooth gradience, and it is known as one of the best papers for printing large-size photos.

All the prints (Pictorico and Fujifilm) are created directly from the original, uncompressed files with ProPhoto RGB Color Space, which includes much wider range of colors compared to sRGB and Adobe RGB color space. (A large majority of JPEG files, including the hi-res images for downloads on Moonlit
Japan, use sRGB color space.)


The standard prints are available in 8 size variations. They are in sizes for which “off-the-shelf” (or pre-made) picture frames are sold in many countries.
If you want your picture(s) to be in specific dimensions, you can order “custom-size” prints as long as the image size is between 4.01″ x 6.01″ and 19.99″ x 29.99″


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